Salsa Classes @ Grosse Freiheit 36


Are you feeling spicy, passionate, sensual? Do you wish you could dance like they do in the movies? Or more accurately: like in the soap operas?

Every Thursday the infamous Grosse Freiheit 36 fills up with latino-loving guys and girls all wanting to learn the basic steps of salsa, bachata, reggaeton or merengue. This being a really cool plan for a different kind of night out, one where other people stepping on your feet isn’t a problem cs it’s not that kind of club.

The kick-off is at 21:30 as 2 Salsa-pro’s stand on the front stage and go slowly through the first steps of the choreography you will (try) to learn that evening. After repeating it a couple of times the lights turn off and blast the South-American tunes so you can practice each move in a real scenario. Beware though-it looks much easier than it actually is! Especially when the spinning comes in.

The crowd is completely mixed in terms of talent. You’ve got the Ecuadorian men of Hamburg moving their hips as if they were made of butter side by side the rest of us awkward looking mere mortals.

All in all,  it’s a really fun time to try to impress your friends at the next wedding!

Grosse Freiheit 36

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