Salon Wechsel Dich

salon-disposableEnjoy Salon Wechsel Dich’s rich waffles on a rainy day inside the half-café-half-concept-store or outside on the sidewalk tables in the sun. Either way, if it’s waffles you are craving, then I personally haven’t tasted better ones (yet) in Hamburg.

Located in a lively neighbourhood filled with cute boutiques and restaurants, this delicious café stands out for its homely atmosphere and serious comfort food. They have just as many salty waffle choices as they do sweet. I had the salmon with horse-radish and beetroot dip and then a sweet one with apple compote and powdered sugar. Breakfast of champions!

Some good advice: the big portion is not for the faint hearted, the waitresses actually recommend you to take the smaller, heart-shaped waffles because few people can actually finish the big portion.

What makes this place special: Almost every decoration you see in the eating area is for sale, as well as of course the small store at the back where you can find delicate candles, furry sweaters and quirky pillows. A great place to lose yourself in as you wait for your delicious meal!

Grindelhof 62
Tues-Sat: 10-18h

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