The changing daily menu for lunch and dinner is always a good sign, not only does it mean that the restaurant is creative in its culinary offering, but also that it uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to put the dishes together. Dishes on our day included a pumpkin, beetroot, and goats cheese salad, tomato and parmesan ravioli, and carrot and fennel soup.

The restaurant might be more known for its delicious breakfast and brunch, though. Voted number 5 Best Breakfast in Hamburg, they have delicious cheese platters, neverending müsli boals as well as juicy scrambled eggs. Their toasty coffee and handmade cakes also hit the spot for desert or for afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen.

But this down-to-earth, quality-focused café and restaurant is more than that, it also doubles as a cultural location where book releases or foodie events happen.

Große Bergstraße 255
Mon-Sat: 9-24h
Sun: 9-18h

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