Klein aber Fein as the Germans say: Clockers packs heaps of atmosphere into its limited size thanks to a refined urban-jungle theme, a menu with some of the best cocktails in town, and a wooden DJ booth for weekend dancing. The bar is equipped with a full-sized tree with branches that spread across the ceiling and have small fairy lights, as well as a wall which has been completely taken over by a living garden and chopped wood. The ‘Lost in a Wood’ vibes makes this place quite a special one, and is perfect for various evenings: the first date kind of night, the more chill, catching up with friends kind of night or the dancing until the next day kind of night. Clockers is more than ‘just another cool bar’ though; the bartenders actually cooperate with local distilleries to create their own spirits and liquors made with regional ingredients.

Paul-Roosen-Straße 27

Tue-Thurs: 19-ca. 01h
Fri- Sat: 19 – ca. 03h

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