Kleine Schwester


The name of this restaurant-café, Kleine Schwester, is not the only thing that opposes the Grosse Bergrstrasse, because within this loud street filled with discount stores and even an Ikea, there are two wonderful addresses that make you instantly forget their location once setting foot in them: Klippkroog and Kleine Schwester. The latter is a two storied, “fresh tastes better” saying, perfect for every day kind of place. The breakfast and brunch here, especially during the summer when you can sit on the tables in the sun, is comfort-food at its best. During the day, they offer a small menu of up to 4 plates. The fresh food is mostly mediterranean-influenced, however they do like to experiment with international cuisines such as Asian or Mexican (the burrito pictured was better than any other I had tasted in Mexican restaurants). Whether you are here on a date, or having a drink with some friends after work, the accessibility and welcoming feeling you get at Kleine Schwester makes everyone feel at home.

Mon-Fri: 9-19h
Sat: 10-20h

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