Otto’s Burger


Gourmet burgers, sweet potato with rosemary fries and that truffle mayonnaise at Otto’s Burger is an answer to the question: where can I find something tasty, filling, familiar yet with a twist, in a laid-back, comfortable environment? The truth is, each of the 3 restaurants in Hamburg are always full due to the perfect balance of reliability, deliciousness, and naughtiness which is found in every juicy mouthful. Not into meat? The vegetarian options (quinoa patty or veggie mushroom) also do not disappoint. Thirsty? Their homemade lemonades or beer are the perfect partner. In short, a burger restaurant you can trust.

Photo Credit: Thomas Lanvin (thanks again!)


Schanzenstraße 58
Grindelhof 33
Bahrenfelder Str. 175

Mon-Thur: 11:30-22:30h
Fri-Sat: 11:30-23h
Sun: 11:30-22h

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