Mamma Mia

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Scusa? The chicken-shaped wine carafes alone are not enough for you to come to Ottensen’s most authentic Italian restaurant? Ok, well good thing the food they serve, the service they give, and the romantic atmosphere once you step inside will convince you. Their menu is classic italian food with a twist: for example their Scalopini Al Wodka or al Pepperoncino are some up-to-date versions of the typical Scalopini al Limone (however when I asked where this one was the waiter did not hesitate for a second before telling me they will make it specially for me). They also serve some exciting pizza combinations, for example salami and artichokes, prepared in huge pizza ovens next to the entrance. The restaurant itself is dark, moody, and really has an authentic feel. The thin and crunchy crusted pizzas are also available as take-away for your convenience. Grazie!

Barnerstr. 42
Mon-Sun (except Tues): 12-15h, 18-24h

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