Lübeck & Travemüde



A big part of Hamburg’s charm is also it’s location. It is the biggest German city closest to both the Northern Sea and the Baltic Sea with trains traveling back and forth everyday. One such connected city is Lübeck. It’s beautiful medieval town center with plenty of old buildings and narrow cobblestoned streets is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lübeck is also famous for its marzipan production, and legend states that marzipan was actually invented in Lübeck, when there was a shortage of all food except almonds and sugar, and the townspeople could only make marzipan ‘bread’. The best brand for marzipan is Niederegger.


How to get there:

From Hamburg Hauptbanhof get the train to Lübeck Hbf (44 minutes) that runs every hour and costs only 14 euros. From the central station it is only a ten minute walk to the historical center town.



If you go to Lübeck you have to plan a couple of hours to explore Travemünde beach at the Baltic sea, north from the town and only half an hour away. With traditional northern-german Strandkorbs, the beach is dotted with hooded beach chairs that protect from the strong winds of the north. Enjoy a traditional Fisch Brötchen (fresh fish sandwhich) at Fisch Wöbke stall directly at the beach promenade.

How to get there

From Lübeck, take the bus number 30 that leaves from the city center. It costs around 2 euros and comes every fifteen minutes. Get off at Travemünde Strandbahnhof, Lübeck station.

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