St Peter-Ording

Located on the coast of the North Sea is Sankt Peter-Ording, a beach 12 kms long and reaching almost 1 km wide. At the beach, which is protected and costs 2 Euros per person to visit, you can enjoy the white dunes on a nice walk or take advantage of the strong winds to windsurf and kitesurf. And that’s what most people are doing at St Peter-Ording. The laid-back atmosphere of the surfers plus the beautiful natural park makes this a top attraction for Hamburgers.


It is simply impossible for St Peter-Ording to become a crowded chaotic beach – because the beach is so wide, there is plenty of space for everyone. If it is too cold or the wind is too strong for a promenade by the water, then head over to the spa! We recommend Dünentherme for 16 euros per person for 2,5 hours. With an indoor and outdoor heated pool, a spiraling water slide that even for grown ups is a blast, various jacuzzi and relaxing water massages, the Dünentherme is the perfect way to end your day at St Peter-Ording.


How to get there:

From Hamburg’s Hbf to St Peter-Ording it takes 3 hours and 20 minutes. You have to take the train to Husum and then change there to Bad St Peter-Ording. In total per person you can find tickets at around 30 euros one way.

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