Café Sein @ Haus Drei

Sein Café

Café Sein is the restaurant of Haus Drei, a multi-cultural and social space serving as a communication and cultural hotspot for the locals of Altona. Located in the renovated hospital of Max Brauer Allee, the Café has a beautiful terrace surrounded by the greenery and basketball court of the park. Weather permitting, they put up a huge projector screen to show movies, football games, important events, etc. Because of its quiet location, the Café is quite calm and doesn’t usually fill up. But for a delicious meal, a coffee break, reading or even for a working day (with free Wi-fi) in a peaceful Café surrounded by nature, Café Sein is where you should, well, be! Their daily changing menu uses fresh produce from the locals to create refreshing, healthy and tasty dishes such as: Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, orange, fennel and feta (7,80 eur), and Sweet-potatoe and bell pepper soup with a coconut, lime and koriander topping (5,20 eur). During the weekends they serve a heart-warming brunch, where you can eat some delicious handmade pancakes sprinkled with sugar and served with fresh fruits.

Hospitalstraße 107
Mon – Fri: 10-22h
Sat – Sun: 10-18h

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