Die Wäsherei


Die Wäsherei is not your typical furniture store. With a live DJ, an outdoor terrace with a bar, and of course, everything else needed to furnish a house, it is more an experience than a store. One zig-zags around the hundreds of interior decoration options, the upbeat music keeping you motivated. The prices for a sofa start at 1,200 for a 3-seater, so this is no Ikea, more like the place to go for that one statement piece. The style is quite exuberant and sometimes a bit too much, but it’s fun and interesting to see something so different from the minimalism we are so used to. Apart from the main shop there is also an outlet where prices are slashed by 20, 30 and 40% (you can also buy tequila there). In short, Die Wäscherei is a very unique and fun experience for interior addicts with both indoor and outdoor furniture to keep you busy for a good couple of hours.

Mexikoring 27-29
Mon-Sat: 10-20h

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